What to Expect Your First Visit

Prior to your first visit you should receive a letter and paperwork in the mail. When you first come to our office please see the scheduling coordinator to get signed in and give her your completed paperwork. Paperwork can also be downloaded here:

Typically during your initial exam, a complimentary, digital x-ray will be taken before you see the Doctor. During your initial exam, Dr. Dunn will provide a thorough examination and educate you in detail of about any orthodontic issues. The initial visit is our opportunity to get to know each other, discuss concerns and if ready make a plan of action for future treatment.

When a patient is ready to start treatment a set of complimentary records will be taken the same day as the initial exam. Records consist of 8 digital photographs and an additional digital x-ray. These records give Dr. Dunn the ability to study and design the best treatment plan for each individual patient at anytime.

In order for you to plan ahead it generally takes 30-45 minuets for ones initial examination.

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